About us

IPD Shippharma is a leading supplier of medicines, equipment and other medical services for shipping companies in Europe and worldwide. We provide cost-effective supply and services including medical replenishment, medical locker inspection, certification and re-certification as well as efficient medical care system. We are focused on providing our clients with efficient service to keep their medical facilities in strict compliance with flag state requirements while saving our principals time and on-board cost. We aim to supply only what is absolutely necessary based on the demands of vessel’s register and the need of the crew through our internal ordering and processing system which monitors, updates and effectively facilitate replenishment and certificates. We are based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Ours is a humble beginning. From a small home-based business in 1996, we have accumulated enough clients to lease a building and hire more staff and facilitate a fast turn-around of deliveries. Our 15 years of experience in the medical logistic industry, despite remaining a medium-sized enterprise and deviating from marketing strategies, is a testament of our commitment to our principals. Our approach to clients is direct so we can effectively customize the requirements of their ships.

From our first home in Rotterdam, IPD Shippharma had expanded to the Far East in 2009 with our first office in Manila, Philippines. We have also tied up with suppliers from Singapore, China and the Middle East to reach our customers wherever in the world they needed our services. In 2010, we have also started sending our inspectors to different ports in Europe and Asia to check that the medical lockers of our principals are in good order. So far, we have covered Liverpool, United Kingdong, Tallinn, Estonia, Porto Vesme and Porto Maghera, Italy and Singapore.